Back in 2010, we had a mission. Our aim was to create a paperless Event Registrations process to support all the sporting events in Malaysia. The standard of our events have been progressing well in the past few years, however, the platform and the supporting work done behind the events were still very much the old-school and outdated methods. is now the premier registration portal  in Malaysia. We have hosted more than 300 events since 2010. WE are grateful for the support from the participants and organisers.

We value your feedback  and we believe we do have much more rooms for improvement in our support and services. We will continue to strive for a better and stronger portal to ease the process of registration. Follow us on twitter (@Myraceonline) for up to date event information and launches.

If you are interested to host with us , please do send us an email and we will revert back to you soonest.

If you have any suggestions or proposal, do let us know as well.

Please email us if you have any enquiries.

Thank you

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